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LingCologne 2019: Multimodality

Conference on a multimodal view of language and the interactions of different language modalities

University of Cologne, Germany
June 6-7, 2019

The conference on MULTIMODALITY brings to the fore the relevance of conceiving of language in a more unified way: encompassing SPOKEN and SIGNED languages, GESTURE and WRITING. Considering multiple channels of expression will highlight the fundamental multimodality and semiotic diversity of language.

This conference focuses on a multimodal view of language and provides insights into the interactions of different language modalities (oral-vocal, visual-gestural and written modality) and the systems underlying these interactions. These complex modality interactions, new methodologies, or combinations of methodologies supporting the study of multimodal language in real-world settings will be the focus of this conference. Papers will explore how language modalities interact with each other and discuss cross-modal interface phenomena that arise during the interplay of gesture, sign, speech and writing.

The aim of this conference is to bring together and to provide an opportunity for a discussion between linguists, psycholinguists and other specialists who present their work in relation to this theme. This meeting will serve as an arena for discussing particular cross-modal phenomena on the level of the following interfaces and provide more insights into the interaction of language modalities and their use in different cultural settings.

  • Sign – Gesture
  • Sign – Speech/Writing
  • Gesture – Speech
  • Speech – Writing

The official language of the conference is English. BSL and DGS interpretation will be available. There is no registration fee for this event.

The conference will take place in the main building of the University of Cologne (see the column on the right to find the main building).

The LingCologne conference is organized by the Cologne Center of Language Sciences (CCLS), a joint research center at the Faculty of Arts and Humanities of the University of Cologne, established in collaboration of all institutes working in the field of linguistics or language-related studies, including the philologies. The CCLS seeks to enhance and facilitate the communication and collaboration of linguists from all domains. With more than 230 members, the CCLS is one of the largest research centers at the University of Cologne and plays a major role in administrational issues concerning the language sciences.